I am known as a girl with a big heart and gypsy soul who prefer the finer luxury things in life. I adore adventure, love to meet people from different cultures around the world. I love exploring their countries by drinking wine 🍷/eating local cuisine🥘/ visiting fresh markets and squares/ partying 💃/ people watching / fine dining/ collecting one more of my already (42 and counting) Hard Rock café pins/ not really into museums, but love viewpoints (sky and rooftop bars) and some tourist photo opportunities. I love to inspire likeminded individuals making a difference as I go with my journeys that changes lives. I took a 360 degree turn in my career to do what I love working in very prestiges lodges in Africa & around the Universe saving up for my next trip. I love to laugh make and see others happy inspiring them to see the world 🌍✈️.
I believe you can have anything in this world if you really want it ✨ Live in the moment, do something spontaneous without expecting anything out of the situation….OMG and have I gotten myself into some unexpected VIP treating on my travels 🙈🍾 Enjoy what you doing and take in your surroundings daily. Become childlike again, like yesterday never mattered and tomorrow is yet to come 🤩 Join me now on the BEST JOURNEY of your life!

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